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Recommended Resources 
There are many excellent books and other resources available on all aspects of eating disorders, body image and developing a healthier relationship with food.  The following is just a sampling of some of my favorite books.  I will be updating this list regularly, so please check back!
Eating Disorder Recovery -  the patient 
Life Without Ed: Schaefer
Bulimia:  A Guide to Recovery:  Hall & Cohn
Food to Eat:  Lieberman & Sangster
The Journey Toward Freedom: Butitta & Canterbury
The Beginner's Guide to Eating Disorders Recovery:  Kolodny
What's Eating You: Nelson

Eating Disorder Recovery - parents and loved ones
Off the C.U.F.F.:  Zucker
The Parent's Guide to Eating Disorders:  Herrin & Matsumoto
Why She Feels Fat:  McShane and Paulson
Just Tell Her to Stop: Henry
Family Eating Disorders Manual:  Hill, et. al.

Non-Diet  / Healing Chronic Dieting
Overcoming Overeating:  Hirschmann and Munter
The Rules of "Normal" Eating:  Koenig
The Food and Feelings Workbook:  Koenig
Eating Mindfully:  Albers
Eat, Drink and Be  Mindful (workbook):  Albers
Intuitive Eating:  Tribole & Resch
The Don't Diet, Live-It Workbook:  Wachter & Marcus
The Diet Survivor's Handbook:  Matz & Frankel
On Eating:  Orbach

Positive Body Image
Love Your Body:  Brannon-Quan & Licavoli
Self Esteem Comes in All Sizes:  Johnson 
The Body Myth:  Maine
Dr. Deah's Calmanac:  Schwartz
Live Large!:  Erdman

Prevention for Youngsters
Girl Zone Body Talk:  Douglas & Douglas
Shapesville:  Mills & Osborn
Full Mouse Empty Mouse:  Zeckhausen
Tummy Talk:  Osborne
Shaped with Love:  Osborne

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